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Welcome to Pedigree Consultants

Pedigree Consultants is a thoroughbred pedigree consultancy and management company owned by world-renowned pedigree analyst Alan Porter. Pedigree Consultants LLC is co-owner with the Blood Horse Publications of the highly successful thoroughbred nicking program TrueNicks and co-developer with the The Jockey Club Information Systems of the pedigree program Pedigree Analysis.

Pedigree Consultants have designed the matings for or recommended the purchase of over 350 stakes winners worldwide including four Eclipse Award winners and Champions in 12 different countries.  Pedigree Consultants are able to help you in all facets of your thoroughbred investment. Not only are we able to proven mating advice but we are also able to advise on mare selection, management and promotion of stallions, and selection and purchase of racing and breeding stock.

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