Pedigree Consultants have a wide array of products and services that are tailored to suit varying programs and goals. If you do not find a product or service that suits you, please contact us to see if we can help.


Pedigree Consultants have been advising their clients on their mating plans for over a quarter of a century. When we are planning a mating for a mare, we start by looking at the most immediate ancestors for which there is evidence have worked with the TrueNicks Enhanced Report  and the Equineline Pedigree Analysis program being utilized. That said, we believe that a cohesive background can often be the difference between the successful and unsuccessful iterations of a cross, and while it wouldn’t be practical (or necessarily useful) to include it our mating reports, we’re constantly bearing in mind the potential of the impact of an accumulation of clustered ancestors a little deeper in the pedigree. The goal of our reports is to provide you with the most comprehensive and sound basis to make your stallion selection each year. Once you have ordered the report we will liaise with you (and if need be your farm manager) to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the mare and what your goals are.

Below are products which will help you manage your broodmare(s). Please click on the report image below to find out more information

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The Pedigree Consultants stallion management products seek to aid the stallion manager by providing unique sire-line analysis that they can use to manage a stallions career. The analysis is tailored to identify potential matings or compatible bloodlines for your stallions depending on the geographical region to which he is to retire. By understanding what pedigree elements have proven successful, and indeed unsuccessful, managers can more efficiently select mares for their stallion resulting in a higher strike rate of performance for the stallion.

Below are products which will help you manage your stallion(s). Please click on the report image below to find out more information


Pedigree Consultants have a highly successful track record of providing yearling and 2YO in training buyers pedigree “short-lists” for major sales throughout the world. These shortlists can be for an entire catalogue, or for just one horse that may be of interest.

Below are products which will help you make sound yearling/2YO purchases. Please click on the report image below to find out more information


When it comes time to sell a yearling or a broodmare off the track, Pedigree Consultants can offer a promotional analysis of the horse in question highlighting its pedigree strengths for marketing purposes.


Pedigree Consultants brings an open minded and independent appraisal to all your bloodstock requirements. Planning, research and attention to detail give Pedigree Consultants clients the edge required to be successful in this business. In addition to our pedigree analysis products, Pedigree Consultants offer a complete spectrum of services to its clients.

Auction Sale Representation

Alan and Byron attend all major sales for Weanlings, Yearlings and Broodmares in North America and selected overseas sales. We perform an enormous amount of work researching and analysing the catalogued pedigrees of each and every horse in the sale before inspecting the horses and their physical conformation in advance of the sales. If you wish Pedigree Consultants to assist you at an auction we will assist you with;

  • Horse selection – for racetrack and/or breeding success. 
  • Veterinary Examination – x-ray & physical examinations. 
  • Valuation – what is the horse worth? 
  • Purchase – we can bid on your behalf as agent if required. 
  • Post sale – transport, agistment, breaking-in, trainer, insurance etc. 

Private Sale Representation

Many thoroughbreds are bought and sold on the private market and Pedigree Consultants has an extensive network of contacts to facilitate this whether you are looking at Racehorses, Stallions or Broodmares. We are active not only in North America but right throughout the world including the UK, Australasia, South America, South Africa and Hong Kong.

Portfolio Management

Pedigree Consultants can provide you with complete management of your bloodstock portfolio. This includes regular reports, full market evaluations, recommendations on how and when to fine tune or upgrade your stock, breeding advice, marketing and promotion to increase your horse(s) value, insurance needs etc. This service will be tailored to your specific needs.

Stallion Shares & Syndication

Pedigree Consultants can assist in the sale and/or purchase of stallion shares. Furthermore, we can combine our skills and experience in stallion management to offer an effective stallion syndication service.

Stallion Nominations/Seasons

In addition to providing you with the best pedigree analysis of your mare in the business, with its outstanding relationships with stallion managers worldwide, Pedigree Consultants can also secure a nomination/season to the stallion that you decide on. Our advice is truly independent and designed to cater for your requirements e.g. whether you are breeding on a commercial basis or breeding to race the progeny yourself.Our focus is to provide an opportunity for complete satisfaction in your involvement in racing or breeding.

If you are interested in any of the above Bloodstock Services, please fill out the contact us form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.